Uncle Fester (deadpansev) wrote in vandwellers,
Uncle Fester

RV show

I went to the RV show in my Area yesterday. They had all kinds of awesome motorhomes and 5th wheels even a few very cool trailers (I especially liked the TAB teardrops, they are designed like traditional teardrops but a little larger, but can still be hauled by a normal car http://www.tab-rv.com/index.php). But if you are a van person there was not much to see. I thought It would give me lots of cool ideas, but not really. I don't think the designers of the van conversions can break out of the RV mentality to offer what most van dwellers want (simple, open, efficient, and useful), instead they try to cram everything into such a small space and so much is not useful. The best designed van conversion was the gulf stream vista cruiser http://www.gulfstreamcoach.com/bvans/index.htm unfortunately the dealer of pleasureway's did not bring in a ford traverse http://www.pleasureway.com/ which is the closest to a regular conversion van decked out that might have been in the show (at least that I know of). Of course VW was not there, but they never are. I always enjoy going to these shows anyway and they do at least let you see what is good and what is bad as well as just what the hell is out there. They also had several venders of camping equipment and accessories to look at to help come up with new ides.
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