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Hello fellow vandwellers! My name is Thrashbear, the heavy metal teddy bear. I currently live in Denver with my mate, Anya, and work as an airport shuttle driver to and rom Boulder, CO and DIA. I have been an off and on vandweller since 1999, when I got a 1987 Chevy van for $500 from my boss. I have been an RV enthusiast since I was 13, and since lived in 2 travel trailers and 1 motorhome.

I enjoy the van and RV lifestyle and prefer to live out of one than an apartment or a house. This January, my mate and I expect to embark on our first major roadtrip of 9 months, circumnavigating the U.S. and Canada in our 1999 Dodge conversion van, the proverbial living room on wheels:

We have some modifications to make before it's "livable", but I sleep in it 4 nights a week since I work 25 miles from her house. I've been shopping for a class-c motorhome or a travel trailer, but even that seems "too much" for us, we like things simple and economical.

The perspective I'm taking in this lifestyle is that I spend most of my time outside of the vehicle, working or playing or spending time with my mate. The van is simply sleeping quarters with some amenities like cooking and rudimentary running water. When we need a place to hang out when the weather's bad, we'll snuggle up inside on the futon and pop a video in the DVD player. Who could want anything more?

I also collect pictures of vanity plates, hoping to publish a book about it in a few years. I expect my travels to yield a lot of fascinating stories behind them.

Anyway, that's enough from me. I'm hoping to garner some info from this group, and share some of my own, about making the vandwelling lifestyle as comfortable and economical as possible. See y'all around!
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