Megan (pvyrus) wrote in vandwellers,

Why do you live in a vehicle?

I don’t (currently) live in van or even own a car, but I think my main motivator would be to lower my cost of living so I can go camping more often, and car living seems a lot like camping anyway. I know there are other ways around this, but nomadic living has fascinated me ever since I was little. I also love the idea of the simplified alternative lifestyle, and the freedom to live where you want. I spend most of my time outdoors anyway at the library, gym, park, beach, church, work, recreation centers, and friend’s houses. Then with the freedom van dwelling seems to provide I could finally splurge on extended hiking trips and other outdoor activities. So here’s my question... is it cheaper or more expensive to live in a van (compared to renting while not owning a vehicle) and why did you do it? Also if you stopped, why?

Thanks for reading, and great community! Too bad it's a bit slow and there aren't more around like it, heh.
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