Frances (ecomaiden) wrote in vandwellers,

Hello from the UK *waves*

Good morning, people of the dreamtime...

I'm morrigan.

I am a poetic, nature loving soul.

I wish I was back in the days of harps, lore and story telling by the fire.

I will drag you to the clifftops and sing tales of mermaids and sirens to you in a sweet, beautiful voice.
I will philosophise by the campfire.
I will dance in fields of meadowsweet, calling to the spirits.

I am guided by nature and love trees more than i love most human beings.

"Wishmaster" by Nightwish is my favourite song.

If you would like to get to know me better, feel free to talk. I would love to meet kindred souls!

I try to save the world, by being carbon-friendly :) oh, and....

I juggle knives, spin fire and am a classicla singer in my spare time. I am a student of sociology full time, until June, when I want to go off in a van on ADVENTURES!!!
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October 15 2008, 03:07:30 UTC 9 years ago

You're whacked.


October 15 2008, 03:09:38 UTC 9 years ago

You are whacked,little emo one.